Health care and community development organizations have a mutual interest:

Healthier people.

Yet to leverage each others' knowledge and financial resources for community impact, the two fields need a common language, shared outcomes, and collaborative strategies. Addressing the root causes of poor health is a heavy lift—necessitating bold thinking and collective action.

With health care costs continuing to rise and social and economic circumstances worsening for many U.S. families, it's time that our healthcare and community development systems lock arms with community members to solve these pressing problems.

Rebecca Morley Consulting brings these sectors and community members together to improve health, reduce health care costs, and create better places for people to live.

The fundamental ingredients for our work




Focused on clear outcome-based goals to inspire and align stakeholders.


Prioritizing the Community Voice

Authentic engagement with community members as they are the keepers of the practical solutions.



Reliance on data and evidence to ensure that our programs, policies, and plans will yield results.