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"Special Report - Lead poisoning lurks in scores of New York areas" by Joshua Schneyer, Reuters, November 14, 2017

"Lead-exposure report lists 10 ways to protect children's health" by Jill Daly, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Aug 30, 2017

Q&A with Rebecca Morley on How HIAs are Changing Affordable HousingHow Housing Matters, Apr 27, 2015

In a word of caution about universal testing, Ms. Morley of the Health Impact Project said, “Testing only takes us so far. Our goal is to bring babies home to a safe home,” instead of waiting for them to be tested for lead exposure.
— from "Lead-exposure report lists 10 ways to protect children's health"by Jill Daly

Rebecca Morley joins Dr. Oz in a discussion about the risks of radon.

Let's Talk Live interviews Rebecca Morley about common health risks in many homes.

The Dangers of Lead Paint, Today Show (video 2 of 3)