Healthy HoMES

Role: strategy & program development; Program Evaluation; partnership development. 

A program called the Rochester Safe and Efficient Homes Initiative or “RSEHI” is helping residents to be healthier, safer, and more comfortable in their homes. The program provides grants and loans for critical home safety repairs, energy upgrades, and indoor air improvements. The program, which is funded through a grant from the New York State Attorney General’s office, has assisted nearly 100 Rochester residents to date. RSEHI, administered by the Rochester Area Community Foundation, hopes to curb injuries and illnesses, reduce health care costs, lower household energy bills, and improve Rochester neighborhoods. Rebecca Morley Consulting is working with Tohn Environmental Strategies to evaluate the program and recommend ways to expand and sustain it.  

I think we are making a difference. We had one customer with lung cancer, and had mold ....
— Program Partner, RSEHI