Lead Poisoning

Role: Grantmaking; strategy & program development; communications; partnership development. 

Childhood lead poisoning continues to plague U.S. children, hurting their ability to do well in school and to fully engage in society.  Lead in paint, dust, soil, water and air cost our country almost $84 billion each year.  A new report, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, lays out 10 policy strategies that federal, state, and local governments should pursue to eradicate the disease. Rebecca Morley Consulting is supporting RWJF's efforts to disseminate the findings from the report. Additionally, Rebecca Morley Consulting is working with government agencies and community-based organizations to accelerate the policy adoption process.    

It was the windowsills and the chips… it’s just a source that kids go to. That’s what happened with my son.
— Community member and focus group participant in Philadelphia, PA